Our practice brings together experienced professionals who have the experience and judgment to accurately assess an executive’s suitability for a particular company. We are regarded as thought leaders on issues such as succession, talent and governance, our consultants also provide leadership assessment and executive benchmarking services.

We firstly determine with you, what the perfect profile will be like and what the requirements and needs are, both for your company and for a particular position within your company.

The compilation of a personality profile that we compile thanks to our extremely efficient and precise software program. And because we believe that the human element cannot be replaced, all our employees are qualified to interpret and assess those analyses, in respect to your corporate culture. A thorough interview of each candidate, which enables us to assess how high the matching factor with your company will be, as well as assessing their capacities and capabilities. We achieve this by asking particularly defining questions, that are directly linked to the requirements we defined with you. We provide you with a feedback and answer any specific questions you should have about the candidate. Finally, if still in doubt, or not entirely satisfied with the short listing of candidates although rare, we offer to revise our approach of the search and search for more appropriate candidates until you are completely satisfied.

Achieving success through excellence

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